Big Fun Run Sheffield

Having completed the Big Fun Run in Derby a month or so before, I knew what to expect, mainly for the novice runner and jogger hence the “fun” element of it. Only 200 or so runners, yet Graves Park is not just for the novice runner with its hills and grassy banks making it quite a difficult route. The first 1km through woodlands was completed in 3.45 minutes, and I continued the pace up the steep banks, round the back of the park and down towards the lake.

Half way around someone shouted “first female”. So with a big grin on my face I tried to pick up speed to ensure I would keep this position. The hardest part of any Graves Park run is near the animal farm up a steepish grassy bank, but pushing through the hamstrings knowing the finish was in sight. Coming in at a sub of 22 minutes questioned the route distance – which was in fact only around 4.5km.

Oh well I got a free pair of running trousers for it and had my two best mates by my side as well. A good “fun” run.

Time: 21.54 (not 5km)
Gender Position: 1st Female

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