Bupa Great Manchester Run

36 000 people, the atmosphere was incredible. I was in Orange, whilst my friend Becky was in Green. This was my first 10km race after 5 months of injury. I was aiming for a sub 50. A flat route, crowded at first but fine after the first 1km. Lots of people to pace with throughout.

Don’t fear moving slowly forward…fear standing still. -Kathleen Harris

First time I didn’t take water at the 5km mark, as I felt very comfortable. Took a bit of water at 7km, and then stupidly a jelly baby at the boost zone 8.5km in, which made me feel sick. I picked up speed in the last 1km and saw the clock and raced up the slight (I say slight) slope to the finish line.

An amazing race due to the amount of runners. I didn’t find it too crowded once getting over the initial start.

Chip Time: 45.57
5km Split: 23.02
Position: 2475
Gender positon: 190
Age group position: 368
Gender and age group position: 31
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