Derby 10

A week after the White Rose Ultra I was to help my lovely best friend Becky to complete the Derby 10. 10 miles around Derby. You may ask why, for I like trails but I also like my best friend and there is a purpose to this, an amazing purpose a bright light of hope.

We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have

As Becky battles on with Stage 4 Lung Cancer for no ****** reason at all I stand there still in disbelief that someone so fit and strong could ever have such a disease to attack her body. 12 months ago, it would be a miracle if she was still here, its a miracle thanks to some magic pills that are working for her. So I stand here at Derby Pride Park Stadium full of pride for my best friend, running 10 miles. It doesn’t matter about time it matters that we are here running, enjoying the pure energy that fills our bodies with every step we take. This girl is full of pride.

She can and she will

It was cold, blustery and it was a late start due to Remembrance Day. A 2 minute silence was observed before the 11.02am start. Unfortunately being in a wind tunnel meant that the silence was jolted by lots of runners trying to keep warm by jumping up and down or blowing on their hands. Me included.

We positioned ourselves very near the back, but Becky has power and once we had set off down the pathway it was obvious she was going to do well. The first stretch took in the pathway next to the river, dreadfully flat, as we turned onto the road it become even more dreadfully flat, but the sun was shining and the runners were happy as we had stripped off our long sleeved tops. This route brought back memories of the Ramathon Half Marathon a few years ago, the stretch of road is a little relentless, concrete hell for me but this was Becky’s race not mine and I erased it from my mind.

Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you – Oprah Winfrey

Once we were on the grounds of Elvaston Castle I recalled the route from the other months’ 5 mile race, as we hit some nice soft grass and onto the lovely wide trails. It was a perfect November morning, not too cold not to hot, sun shining blue skies and just a whole lot of fun, with my best friend by my side alive and well.

Round the castle grounds the route meandered and then back down onto the pathway that we had previously come along. It was a lovely route for an urban 10 miler, flat yes, picturesque; semi yes for what it was, well marked, yes, it ticked all the boxes for a ‘city’ race.

Coming back into Pride Park Stadium we had to do a lap on the outside, painfully windy once again, as we funnelled through the wind tunnel and into the finish to bring home an amazingly brilliant time of 1 hour 38 minutes.

She will just watch her

A huge hug all round, I am so proud of my awesome best friend, fighting this deadly disease, still running, still being ‘normal’ yet I just couldn’t describe how she may be feeling sometimes, many times, but to do this race just meant the world to me.

Photos of the event

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