Golden Gates Gallop

Golden Gates Gallop is a 5 mile multi terrain event in the gorgeous surroundings of Elvaston Castle.  We arrived in plenty of time with the kids in tow who would do the 2 mile race with Daddy whilst myself and Becky would run the 5 mile – 2 lap course together, because we can.

When we got out of the car and walked over to registration I heard my name called out on the tannoy – what was going on there? had I not registered properly, had I not got a place? I only registered a couple of days ago to make sure I was recovered from the Limestone Way Ultra the previous Sunday.

Always find time to do things that make you feel happy to be alive – go Run

I had forgotten that on my form there was a question regarding any ‘story’ that you may have. I put on my form ‘I am running with my best friend Becky who has Stage 4 (terminal) Lung Cancer and was diagnosed 12 months ago, this is her 1 year ‘cancerversary’ after been given only months to live a year ago’. But when I wrote it, it came naturally to me to put this down. I didn’t really think of anything else. It was mainly why I was here, to run with my best friend, and for her to stick two fingers up at terminal cancer.

Friends don’t let friends fight cancer alone

The race director kindly asked me if they could make an announcement before the race about this, and checked with Becky that it was ok. I was quite overwhelmed with this little subtle announcement, so proud of Becky it brought a tear to my eye.

Ater that little announcment it was soon time to walk over to the start line – nothing technical just a can of white foam sprayed on the pathway – perfectly adequate and we were off. Nothing technical we just put one foot in front of the other for 5 miles- easy.

So the race…. we put one foot in front of the other for 5 miles as said and ran. It was a lovely trail around the castle edges on ‘easy going footpaths’. Two laps with the second lap introducing a bit of an out and back dog leg with water if needed and then back round the picturesque trails around the castle.

You have been asigned this mountain to show others it can be moved

We were doing well and came into the finish in around 48 minutes, just a minute of Becky’s PB. Pretty amazing huh?

Finding out the kids had done great on their 2 mile race too made this lovely family friendly event well worth the trip to Derby. But then it’s always worth the trip to Derby.

Thankful for the gift of running

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