Heanor Pudding Run

It’s the battle of the pudding runs as for the second year running I take part in the Heanor 10km pudding run, superseded by the Percy Pud 10km in a couple of weeks.

Last year I was rocking, I had just joined the fantastic Sheffield Running Club and was enjoying my running smashing my previous PB on Percy pud by 15 seconds to bring home a time of 44.42 (unchipped) on this half road half trail run complemented by a lovely Christmas Pudding. My 10km PB still stood as I re-smashed that at the Percy Pud in 2010 with a time of 43.58. (its a sub 44 ok?) To date unbeaten.

This year I had no expectations, having only started back again early October my distance has been limited to a maximum of 7 miles and my running days have been reduced to 2 or 3 times a week. So no expectations. It’s no great expectation. I was just out to enjoy today.

Seven days without running makes one weak! – a cross country runner

So it was another very foggy Sunday morning so foggy that I had to find my fog lights, not on the run as I haven’t invested in fog lights for running yet. My lovely friend had decided not to run due to the flu atishoo but to stand there in the cold fog and cheer me on – thanks heaps Becky it made such a difference having someone there to cheer me on.

I think I was the token Sheffield Running Club runner as all others were participating in the Club Championship event at Barnsley – well I get a Christmas pudding and you get a T-shirt. I think I like my Christmas pudding but hope you all did well.

Back to the run. Not backwards just back to the run. I first forgot my phone in order to track my route, I had analysed the route on Friday realising that last year I had run the first mile in 6.40 – that’s fast for me OK? But no pressure this year.

And we’re off, chipped on the vest too – that’s a new one. Should I have put ketchup on it as well?

I instantly felt comfortable as we went around the Christmas Pudding factory and numerous other factories before ascending onto the very foggy main road and up a steep hill. I felt strong as I ploughed on oblivious to time but surrounded by men. Where are my fellow females? A few of them were well in front – the super duper fast club runners. I am happy, I bound through the fog enjoying the crisp autumn day, and my favourite bit onto the trail still feeling good and just enjoying the surroundings as we continued through the park up and down and round about taking in a sip of water at around 6km. Why did I feel comfortable? Was I not pushing hard enough, who needs gadgets, just let your legs do the running. I have learned so much over the past 6 months most importantly I was enjoying this run so much that I just didn’t care.

Running is like life, it’s a long journey, but well worth it. – Author Unknown

There was a hill I remember from last year and there was the hill again at 8km it hadn’t moved oh no it was up to get us and the hill at the finish with obligatory signs 400m and 200m and the lovely “Finish” sign. Up the hill 3 of the guys overtook me, look you are 6ft 4 I am 5ft 4 ok? and I had orange in my target, an orange man, not an o2 man or a vodaphone man, no an orange man and I over took the orange man right at the last minute glanced at the clock and swore very loudly. One of the marshalls asked if I was ok? I was fine I just didn’t believe the clock but the clock never lies right? I had just clocked up 42.34 – with a chip time of 42.23.

My foot behaved, so not only do I have happy feet but I also have 10 happy kilometers. I am really not sure how I did it, I swear by spinning I do, I swear by spinning. How can I knock 1 minute 36 seconds of my previous 10km pb? Does the clock lie? Apparently not, not here in Heanor.

I am off to scoff my well deserved Christmas Pudding.


Chip Time: 42.23
Gun time: 42.34
Gun and Chip Position: 66
Gender Position: 5t


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