Longshaw Trust 10

It was the weekend of the Round Sheffield Run so most of Sheffield were running around Sheffield, that’s why its called the Round Sheffield Run. Me – not me, and a handful of others who decided to do the Longshaw 10 instead. Yet I only decided at 8am that morning as I got up and felt like I couldn’t be bothered / motivated to do a long run. Am I turning into a shortie?

So I drove, yes I drove to Fox House some 20 minutes away. I knew it would be a quiet one which kind of suited the mental state of my running head at the moment which is not all that great.

And it was a quiet one, even lining up on the invisible start line where the Trust 10 flag laid there were only a handful of runners and just the two of us from the club – myself and Neal. No club vests from us its just a run.

Find yourself, Go run

And we were off, immediatly the front runners shot off and a couple of ladies in front of me. One was very strong who I continued to chase for the whole 10.5 miles.

The first mile is essentially down hill and round a pond, its easy trail with a couple of gates to give you a quick breather. I was chasing three striders, as in Strider fashion they had their vests on.

First lap round I was chasing 1st Lady from Totley, looking very strong on the hills and well infront of me and I danced and prawled around the mud and tree routes. Hill 1 done with man at top congratulating us, then onto the flat before ascending up hill 2 towards ‘Wooden Pole’ yes a wooden pole. The course then meandered down back to the start to repeat all over again.

When your feet are in the right place, your mind will follow.

It was on lap two that I overtook Strider number one; Adrian, and ploughed on. I could also see me shortening the gap with 1st lady, but only a little. My little competitive side came into my head and I tried to speed up a bit to chase 1st lady up hill 1 again. It was a bit boggy and wet but that didn’t stop me as I reached the man at the top again and made a comment about how I like my hills.

Back on the flat and I was catching up 1st lady a bit more and by the time hill 2 came round again I was just behind her. Into the carpark for Wooden Pole and back round the flat bit I was now just behind 1st lady and as unelegantly as possible made my move past her. Would it be rude to say ‘hi’ I wasn’t sure so I just ran passed.

I knew I was being chased so I put maximum effort into the last little bit through the gate and down the path, striding along ready to be overtaken by who I would still call 1st lady. Bang into the finish I went bang on 53 minutes – 1st Lady. Some 6 seconds later the proper 1st Lady came through.

Run easy, light, smooth, happy…and run free!

An enjoyable run, small field, a good little trail route to run especially as the 6.4 miles isn’t really my distance. Happy with the way I felt throughout, happy with the shoes, happy with the course, happy with the cost (free), and just happy all round. Happy running.

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