Race for Life Sheffield

Sheffield was dressed in pink today as 6000 runners descended on Don Valley International Stadium for another Race for Life in support for Breast Cancer.

This was the third Race for Life I had done in Sheffield both other times in the afternoon on very hot summer days. This time we got a morning slot, much cooler but still a lovely warm day.

Arriving at Don Valley 10 minutes before the event was not a good idea, especially as wee needed wee’s. Because I knew Don Valley I was able to track down some Wee wee places without queues. Yes ladies (and gents) even the gents had lady queues.

Entering Don Valley it looked like they were changing the route slightly as the crowds were half way around the track, we were right at the back but managed to squeeze our way through the endless clouds of pink to nudge our way 5 or 6 rows before the front runners. That’s better, although I did really want to be in front of the tu tu girls. Bless them.

The race (which is not a race people) started 15 minutes late, as the horn went off went the mass of pink. Dodging the many bunnies along the way I soon got in stride and over took those who were out of breath within the first 500 metres. There were about 10 people in front of me as I reached the 1km mark and descended on Don Valley Grass Bowl. I overtook those struggling with the mini slant up (some call these hills I call them little inclines) and round I went supporting 5th place. The sun was beating down but not as hot as previous years.

Remember the reasons you are running

The rest of the course was as previous, I was ready for the hill (a little hill but a hill all the same) and a decent back down to the main road as a very athletic woman passed me around the 3k mark. I was unable to keep up but kept my pace all the same.

The route takes runners, walkers and push chair pushers around the back of the stadium around the top and back into the stadium as crowds supported the oncoming runners. The first girl back in 20 minutes got many cheers as I was still having to run some 800m or so. I was on my own, no one behind me, I was unable to catch the shadows in front of me but still got away and picked up speed as I re-entered the stadium to crowd cheers and “please give support for the lady in red coming in at 22 minutes and 45 seconds.” Who was that? Oh me – yeah I was wearing my new red running shirt. Wooo. 45 seconds faster than last year. Happy.

Becky, my mate ran in a few minutes later at 30.01 – beating her PB, for last year Becky supported a time of 34 minutes. Now that’s some achievement and a half.

All runners, walkers and push chair pushers receive a pink goodie bag supporting a medal, lots of Dove cream, the obligatory cereal bar and a mini deodorant – do we smell Race for Life or are these just really handy to take away on a one nighter?


Clock time: 22.45
Overall Position: 6th

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