South Yorkshire Cross Country #4 – Doncaster

This was my first cross country league of the season due to being injured previously, clashing of other races and just not having the confidence to run. However I was feeling good today so decided to give it a go.

So off went a full little Clio of girls, running gear, cake, cake and cake. What more could a load of runners ask for really?

Northern Racing College in Doncaster greeted us with drizzle, mud and a typical gloomy Sunday lunch time, no roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and beef for us this lunch time, instead we would get a Yorkshire puddle of mud and a bit of grief if we didn’t run this final South Yorkshire Cross Country league.

It was worth doing the warm up to remind myself of the course that I had previously run in January. Lining up at the start line I felt good in myself, oddly good, very positive and with a clear mind, such a long way from last night when my mind was buzzing with too much of life’s rubbish. The gun went off, and this was my time.

Running became that time when no phone could reach me and every other problem that was out there would have to wait. – Sue Milinari

It felt quite a fast start, rather fast. Could I keep up? Yes I could. kick grass.Go on kick grass and I did as I got away from the Tri club girls who were familiar to me by now and onwards and forwards as I slowly ticked off a few runners on the first lap. Even Mr Senior Vet man spoke to me for 5 seconds commenting on how lovely this was? What running around a muddy racecourse on a drizzly Sunday lunchtime? Are you mad? Ohh I see the scenery? Right yes, however I am from Sheffield mate, you want to run around Derbyshire for wowing scenery. Though we could have done a lot worse it was a nice course. Just not three courses.

Into the woods I went really enjoying this course – maybe it was the starter? – a complex mixture of soft velvety grass and crisp stone baked woodland topped with a mouthwatering mole hill.

And onto the mains as we hit the hills. This was the roast – up the hill round back down and back up – and this was mains course 1, there was another lap to go so lap it up.

My feet and I have this understanding. I place one in front of the other, and they transport me. Its called running. It throws open the window to my mind and lets the clutter rush out, like so much stale air. I don’t know what my mind would do without my feet – J. lloyd

I was feeling good today, strong and positive, injuries well behind me bounding up the hills grinning inside being cheered on by the guys who has already put themselves through 3 laps of fun, three laps of torture, 3 laps of haa haa we have already done it. But then after 3 courses I bet they had full tummies, more cake for us when we get back?

Onto the second lap and I began to overtake a couple of people, first a fellow Steel City Strider then (I think) a Rotherham Harriers and onwards in my stride, I was alone, the other runners were well in front of me, I just had the crowd and 2nd course to keep me going. A clear mind as I pushed on. Cake at the end cake at the end!

I ran the last 1km alone but felt strong and comfortable at the same time, I was happy as I ran, good and strong. Only 3 months ago I swore to myself that I would never run again due to injury, yet I have come back stronger and feel so much more positive. I crossed the finish line feeling really good. I can not explain why, there is no winners, the field is strong in this event, it doesn’t matter what you do its how you feel, I felt great. I can not explain why. Maybe it was all the cake to look forward to after the race? Just maybe?

Don’t stop believing – Journey

So course 3 – Cake! Yes some delicious gingerbread biscuits, some lovely oat, pumpkinseed and white chocolate cookies, star cookies, christmasy muffins and my contribution of gluten free mincemeat mess (aka mince pies gone wrong). So there we go a delightful three course Cross Country meal – who needs a Sunday roast when you have Cross Country?



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