South Yorkshire 5 mile Road Race #2 – Dam Flask

I will be dam if I do and dam if I don’t, Damm it, I do, I run another race only 3 days after my half marathon plus 1/4. Still sore from Sunday but determined to run this beautiful race around the lovely Dam Flask in Bradfield off I went with the multitude of other Sheffield RC runners and other local teams.

To Run Or Not To Run? It’s Really Not A Question

The race began about half a mile from the cricket ground which made a really good warm-up. I had no expectations for this race due to the dom dum dom dum dom’s still in my legs. So I hung around about halfway plus 1/4 towards the back and we were off. As this was home territory I knew the route, took it steady for the first couple of miles with the lovely hill somewhere along the 1.5 mile hilly. Helly. Hill. My trick to count the number of people who pass me and count how many people I pass: 4-2 to me this hill around.

But what goes up must come down and we did, although they struck back as 6 people whizzed down the hill past me. Must master that whole downhill running lark and back round to Low Bradfield past the plough, the combined harvester, the digger the tractor and a few other runners and on and on.

This was a lovely friendly race, having various conversations with a number of people about where the finsh was, whether they had previously done Oxspring, and how undulating the tarmac was. We didn’t talk about ducks or pizza or cross-stitch however random that may be. Maybe the thought of cross stitch was giving me the stitch about 4 miles in but I ignored it and ploughed on even though we had passed the plough a mile down the road. I felt quite relaxed and didn’t care about my time, time just seemed to fly by as I strode on in a most relaxed and enjoyable way.

To a runner, a side stich is like a car alarm. It signifies something is wrong, but you ignore it until it goes away – Author Unknown

One of the first finishers was seen jogging back (how rude) and told us we had 1/2 a mile to go, go go go as I overtook a girl who had been in my sight all throughout the run. A couple of Sheffield Tri Club members overtook me but I got one of them right at the end thanks to a little sprint to overtake two people and bring in a nice relaxed time of 36.15 or something round abouts that.

The marshals were brilliant, the best marshals on a run I have ever done, and I am not being biased honest! The route was amazingly beautiful, the air was crisp and clear and the scenery was as beautiful as running around the most picturesque postcard of New Zealand a thousand and one times. I do think this has been one of my favourite enjoyable lighter runs I have done. Maybe because the pressure wasn’t there. Most enjoyable. Congratulations to the group of Sheffield RC’ers in front of me, behind me and on the course encouraging us all.


Time: 36.13

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