South Yorkshire 5 mile Road Race #4 – Worsborough

The fourth and final South Yorkshire road race series took place at Worsborough Mill just outside Barnsley on the 11 May 2011. A lovely run on a very sunny evening.

I’ve started so I’ll finish, this the fourth in the series of 5 mile road races in South Yorkshire. Although my times for all previous three haven’t been near my PB’s they have been good learning experiences for running this distance in an evening. And most importantly I did my best on the day.

Still suffering from Half Marathon legs of steel after Sheffield on Sunday I was doubtful about even getting round this last run.

All it takes is all you got. – Marc Davis

Set in the picturesque location of Wosbor’ Mill just outside Barnsley on a beautiful sunny spring (nearly summer) evening, a few 100 runners set off around this loop of up hills and downhills of country lanes.

Unlike Mastermind “passing” is good with racing, and once I had got my pace I began to pass quite a few of the other runners – who ended up passing me on previous races, how could this be?

Even the road markings were clearly marked – 1 mile, 2 miles, keep left, the only thing missing was yellow chalk saying “hill”, however not needed as one of the stewards shouted “hill” to us in an evil sort of “I’ve won Mastermind” type of way.

The mile of the steep uphill was steep however I kept going and no one overtook me on the hill, there’s my achievement of the race. I’ve started so I will finish.

Hills? No problem. We can go up and down for hours. – Author Unknown

And the rest was downhill, my downfall as I counted the 5 runners who overtook me, only one being female however so that made me feel slightly better. I question my downhill running, my chosen subject next time around is “Downhill running”.

And at the bottom a few hundred metres to go to to finish. I started and I finished. And I am waiting for my score but something around 38 minutes, my worst 5-mile time however the most comfortable and enjoyable run of the series despite those half mara’ legs.

And the winner is… Julian Lings of Sheffield Running Club. Pure genius he is. Am waiting my official category position despite my time being my worst 5 miler, I felt comfortable and ran within myself and that’s what its all about… do the hocky cocky and turn around.


Time: 36.13

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