Theo’s 10km

A cold wet damp and drizzly April morning greeted us all for this 10km race in Sheffields’ Graves Park. Running as part of a team for Plusnet where I used to work and raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital meant it was all worth it. The route was two and a half laps around this undulating course. The team of runners had been practicing weeks before but nothing prepared us for the mud on the grass for over 2km, the drizzly cold conditions and the damp woods.

Run like hell and get the agony over with. – Clarence DeMar

It was a slow race, and the two and a half laps made it seem even longer than 10km. I passed some fellow plusnetters on the way, and a couple of people passed me too. I did however manage to get under 55 minutes, which given weather conditions and route was not a bad time when I talked to others about their times. Running uphill on muddy grass is not the easiest of things to achieve, slip slip slipping away. This is where I lost my shoe at a Cross Country race when I was 13 years old, at least this time I managed to keep my shoes on.


Time: 54.45

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