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Tonight I am going to give the weather an award, a perfect sunny evening gleaming over Dore, Sheffield and the Peaks of the Peak District. So what better way to spend this than running 5.72 miles around the Peaks on what they called straightforward hard-packed trail, a small section of loose rocky trail and a bit of hard evil concrete. A perfect way to spend a Wednesday evening on my way home from work too – bargain!

Surrounded by a multitude of Totley AC green stripey vests (the hosts) and lots of other traily type club vests; Only three of us from our Running Club, I decided to wear my club vest.

Bang on 7pm we were off. A downhill start all on road meant that people wizzed on down at stupid-o-speed leaving me for dust. Well not quite as I kept in mid pack knowing the hills were coming. Still I managed the first mile in almost 6 minutes. Almost a record for me. Almost.

I run best when I run – Unknown

And just after 6 minutes the climb began to ascend. Up. Ascending gently then less gently then even more less gently. Half way up the dreaded shoelace moment happened which every runner dreads “your shoelace is undone” as someone passed me. I had to stop. The girl near me shouted “don’t worry you will catch me up”. She was right bless her as I lost about 10 places and then gained about 12. Thank you shoelace – it was called a shoelace breather.

At least I’m ahead of that runner behind me. – Unknown

Over a stile onto Houndkirk road. I thought the route went straight up but how wrong was I, over another stile and into the wooded area, a territory that I hadn’t been on before. The woods were deep and lovely, skip scopping over tree routes and stones. I was gaining on a few of the guys pushing through at every opportunity. Limb valley took it out on some of the very fast ‘road runners’. Even one of the marshalls shouted “Don’t worry Dave/Ben/Joe/James/ the road is coming up soon”.

Over the almost final stile – a little queue for this, why queue for a stile we are not at a bus stop come on guys? Really! And then onto the more fell type ground, surrounded by lush purple moorland heather on this blissful sunny spring evening. Views spread as far as the runner could see, all these runners bounding through the moors, this is why I love life, hip hopping across the moors with 240 other people, why do we do this oh why? Because life is beautiful.

Find yourself go run – Unknown

Tagging Oxstones, a beautiful construction of rocks named because there are lots of stones surrounded by noughts and crosses. with ample Totley AC marshalls cheering us on “Go on Sheffield” I heard, ohh that’s me I thought supporting my light blue vest pounding the moorland.

And the rest was downhill. First moorland downhill, jumping over the stones, root branches and rocks, back onto the roman road and down down down. This is where I suffer, as a couple of the guys came bounding past me.

Running must be the only aspect of life in which its all downhill from here is literally the best possible thing you can hear – Unknown

The steepest of the off road bits was yet to come, and this is where I felt a big wet girl tip toeing down in some sort of very pink girly fashion. Get a grip girl get a grip and go flying just like all these men. I lost about 10 places going down that hill, one guy nearly went for a rather large tumble arms and legs flying everywhere, but managed to stay on two feet amazingly.

Back on the road – Sheephill Road, no sign of any sheep thank goodness, there was a slight incline and this is where I gained a few places again.

I may not be there yet but I am closer than I was yesterday – Unknown

And then around a mile of downhill downness, and it was long, a long long lane aptly named long line. I thought that the route went right to the end of line and then up so I did hold back slightly, and wish I hadn’t because after nearly 80% of the road had been run down, we turned off into a field onto track and grass. I was watching the grass flicker beneath my feet as I tried to catch the guy infront of me but just didn’t quite have that extra push that I needed to chase them all down.

The slight incline of a slight hill threw me and my legs felt like lead as I climbed up towards the finish to bring in a time of just over 44 minutes for 5.7 miles over 357m ascent and the steepest climb being a 1 in 8 (13%). I am happy with that for the terrain, the fell, the fact that I didn’t fell or fall and was rather chuffed with such a lovely relaxing race. Oh and I was 5th Female that’s not bad either! Thank you for a fantastic event Totley AC – most enjoyable! Keep up that good weather!


Time: 44.01
Position: 5th Female
Overall position: 119 out of 244




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