South Yorkshire Cross Country #4 – Penistone

Brrr… it’s cold, very cold and I have cold and I am not sure I want to do this but I want to get out of the house and run despite having cold. So I took myself off to Penistone for the last of the 4 cross country races in South Yorkshire. My chest was pounding and insides shaking but I wanted to run. I had the urge to run. I wouldn’t be racing I’d just go to run.

A very small turnout when I arrived, was it the weather putting people off? I’d sold my spikes so only had on my fell shoes but a good choice as the course is more like a trail course than a cross country, around some fields and up a big track and then do it again. That be cross country for you.

It’s only cold if you are standing still

I found myself running with club member V65 Mike, who I had chased to the finish line in the first cross country of the season. Despite overtaking him in the first couple of miles, my chest was so tight I was unable to get the air in to hang in there with him this time around. By the second lap, my quads were taking a pounding from the hail and brutal winds and my chest had exploded into little bits of ice. I wasn’t breathing properly and slowing down as people overtook me.

Run, run again, try again, keep running

Not the best performance but I got out there and ran about 4 miles. That’s the joy of running.

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