Darley Abbey Parkrun #112

My first Parkrun in ages, my favourite Parkrun at Darley Abbey because its not so much running round in circles but running around in just 2ish circles and most of that is not running on concrete. The journey to Darly Abbey Parkrun may seem a little odd when I have x5 Parkruns much closer, one being only 2 miles away. However I was down in the area for the first weekend of my ‘Swimming Teacher’ qualification so throwing in a cheeky Parkrun in the morning just made perfect sense.

I like this Parkrun for many other reasons, everyone just gathers in the big park, they are not squashed like sardines onto a narrow pathway, the park is your oyster. There is no real start line, everyone just spreads out, often a tree gets in the way of the wiggly spread out start line.

And we were off, I am not normally into stats but I thought I would throw in a few for good measure, otherwise Parkrun reviews could get a little bit dull, as I do not need to describe the course, the feelings or the experience.

The first flat, grassy / traillike mile felt strong as I placed myself some 20 or so in from the start. The grass was wet after the storm the night before.

Run fast, run slow, run far, run close, Just run

A tree had been struck with lightening some 1.5 miles in so a slight diversion with friendly marshal pointed the way, this really didn’t add any distance it was just like running around a tree.

Back round the cricket field I was beginning to feel the pain of ‘running fast’ and began to slow as a wave from Becky and the kids encouraged me as much as possible with a click of the camera.

The time goes by faster than you imagine

It was just past this spot that I lost the pace completely, my body felt lethargic and other runners began to overtake me. My breathing was heavy. It felt like I was unable to hold a 5km race together. Nearly 3 months of no racing and that’s what it has done to me. Pull it together girl you have a hill to get up. So back round the loop I went, mind over body, pushing as much as I could up the hill to try and ‘fly’ back down the other side. The concrete was slippy so it wasn’t easy to even run down, debris from the storm creating small slippery hazards on the downwardsness. Back onto the grass the trail shoes were hold up well on the sliding grass. Round the big tree and a sprint finish to come in at position 17 and 2nd Female. I was to be happy with that.

I run because punching people is frowned upon


  • Time: 21.44
  • 17 out of 178
  • 2nd Female

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