Dewsbury 10km

It was minus three degrees when we reached Dewsbury, this was supposed to be a potential PB route, I was looking forward to this race despite the cold and ice. It was that cold however that I stupidly left my new long sleeved top on. The first time I have run in a long sleeved top.

A nice gentle start on flat ground through Dewsbury town centre passing the old mills and out to a residential area on a wide road. A slight incline on the out section which was beneficial to the back section when I picked up speed. I did feel out of breath somewhat around the 8km mark and was muttering words I will not repeat on here to myself unheard by other runners.

The last 200m or so presented a slight incline, I felt myself dropping rather than sprinting to the finish line but not a bad time in just over 46 minutes.

Chip Time: 46.06
Position: 437

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