Wombwell 5

When I stepped out the house this morning on a cold and foggy February and walked up to the car I did wonder what I was doing travelling to Barnsley for a 5 mile road race when most of the population would still be in bed or enjoying hot crispy toast and homemade jam with a steaming cup of tea. Runners huh? why?

The road race took place in a cute village nesting betwen Rotherham and Barnsley – aka Wombwell. It started at a recreation ground where we had to do a lap of the track. The track wasn’t a running track however it was a racing circuit. I don’t mean a racing circut in terms of a track I mean a racing car track – perhaps I should have been in Elsecar instead? (though I did make it to Elsecar on the way back via getting lost).

A little “start” sign signaled the well start line – it was Wombwell after all. And off we went racing around the racing track – all 1km of it. My phone was in full blast mode (sorry runners!) and told me I did the first km in 4.03 minutes – time to slow down as I headed for the road with the other runners.

I felt quite strong initially but there glaring above me after around 1.5 miles was one of those things called a hill. This was not a slope it was in fact a hill of the Sheffield variety. That’s fine though I can handle hills.It’s called Snape Hill Road, its not called Snape hill road for nothing you know. – Elevation 36. No pussy footing around as I overtook 3 guys and only one guy over took me, 2-1 to me.

Love hills and they will love you back – Author unknown

Once at the top of the hill the very friendly marshals took us around a housing estate or two. My only gripe was traffic on the road trying to over take us. When a junction arrived I had to slow down in order to allow cars to pass, the marshals did a fine job however as they didn’t want to run the risk of any fatal accidents. As I was running on my own a lot they were cheering me on, wait for me people in front, wait for me please. Come on get a run on.

Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you. Keep straight the path of your feet, and all your ways will be sure – Proverbs 4:25-26

A nice friendly downhill was in store for around 2 miles, gently sloping downward so ambling a nice speed, focusing on the road, though I felt I was loosing it a little especially on the last mile or so when I was still running on my own a good 30 seconds between the group in front of me and some runner or two behind me, 2 of which overtook me back on the circuit round and round before finishing.

Lessons learned; I need to speed up on that last 1km or so as I really felt myself dropping. Suggestions welcome for a potential solution please.

A nice unreadable medium t shirt kept me warm whilst hovering about at the finish line taking random photos. The t shirt needs some design work on it – blue and green? Hurumph. However the race was brilliant. I am head over heals in love with Running. Now I understand why I got up on a foggy miserable Sunday morning to run 5 miles, because it means I can eat all my peanut flapjack.


Gun Time: 35.31 (non chipped)
Overall Position: 9th Female | 82nd out of 218

Wombwell 5 mile road race
Wombwell 5 mile road race

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